NAG purposes and objectives

SaferMK’s Safer Neighbourhoods’ Delivery Group, made up of all the key partners and representatives from the town/ parish councils and other agencies, set up 29 Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAGs) across Milton Keynes to enable local people to address local issues.

NAGs are made up of representatives from the community and from key agencies. Each NAG tackles the top three priorities that have been identified by the community. In Loughton & Great Holm these priorities were first established following public consultation in the summer of 2007, and the Loughton & Great Holm NAG held its first meeting in January 2008.

Loughton & Great Holm NAG Priorites Update

The Loughton and Great Holm Neighbourhood Team, made up of local residents, members of the Parish Council, representatives from the Parks Trust, Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police, local businesses and associations, have all worked together on the issues raised by the community.

Primarily, the community’s concerns fall into three categories: Environmental; Anti-Social Behaviour and Traffic.

As a result the NAG has an on-going program of work including:

  • Bulb planting and landscaping
  • Making and installing Bee-hotels and bird boxes
  • Litter picking
  • Environmental audits for the various council departments and The Parks Trust.
  • Traffic surveys and recommendations in ‘problem’ areas ( and station parking)

We also organize, support and take part in many other community events and activities.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month should you be interested in coming along to see what we do.